Established in 2000 by Leeds West Indian Centre Management Committee, the Leeds West Indian Centre Charitable Trust (LWICCT or TRUST) is a limited company that exists to create an inspiring Centre of learning, cultural activities and social development to promote and celebrate the diverse communities of the Chapeltown and Harehills areas of Leeds and assist in the regeneration of the areas. The TRUST supports the Leeds West Indian Centre (LWIC) to offer a focus for the various and unique talents that exists in the local areas by supporting and offering opportunities for potential and growth.


The TRUST has a vision to work in partnership with local voluntary and statutory organisations to make the TRUST and LWIC:

  1. The centre of community activities in Chapeltown.
  2. Advocate and advise on education issues.
  3. An arts, education and culture venue.
  4. Maintain a sustain programmes of arts, educational, cultural and history-based events.
  5. Help to maintain and deepen social justice and cohesion for local communities.
  6. Act as the Cultural Enterprise-Arm of the Centre, which carries out Trading-Arm functions.
  7. The premier local community-led entertainment centre to show-case local, national and international talents.
  8. Develop relevant and appropriate programmes by regular consultations with local communities including young people.


Milton Goodison, Claude Hendrickson